Jordan Robins has won the January ‘First Light’ photo competition with an amazing half-half picture of a sea turtle greeting the new day.

This month’s guest judge, Perth-based professional landscape photographer Dylan Fox, chose Jordan’s image as the overall winner:

Huge congratulations to Jordan Robins, winner of the January First Light competition with his entry ‘First Breath of the New Day’.

This month’s guest judge, Perth-based professional landscape photographer Dylan Fox, chose Jordan’s image as the overall winner:

“This photograph is not only timed brilliantly, with the turtle coming up for air perfectly in-line with the sun, but it is also technically, very well executed. The light and clarity captured in the water is stunning, while still controlling the above water part of the frame perfectly. Shooting into the sun can be challenging at the best of times, but the results can be stunning when properly executed like what is seen here.”

The People’s Choice winner with over 470 likes on our facebook page is ‘Searching for First Light,’ by Peter Chamberlain.

Congratulations to our January winners Jordan and Peter who have both won a Nisi filters V5 kit valued at $229 thanks to our sponsors NiSi Filters Australia – find more info on this great prize here.

You can see a selection of shortlisted images below and all the images at our Facebook page. If you would like to get involved in the monthly Australian Photography photo competitions, it’s free to enter and the theme for Feb is ‘Blue’.

Overall winner: 'First Breath of the New Day,' by Jordan Robins.
                                                                                            Overall winner: ‘First Breath of the New Day,’ by Jordan Robins.

'Searching for First Light,' by Peter Chamberlain, Peoples' Choice winner.

                                                                                            ‘Searching for First Light,’ by Peter Chamberlain, Peoples’ Choice winner.

'Flaming Clouds,' by Will Wardle.

                                                                                            ‘Flaming Clouds,’ by Will Wardle.

'New Day,' by Vicki Clark
                                                                                            ‘New Day,’ by Vicki Clark
'First Frame,' by Tim Matthews
                                                                                            ‘First Frame,’ by Tim Matthews
'Middle,' by Silvia Li
                                                                                            ‘Middle,’ by Silvia Li
'Red Sky in the Morning,' by Rhonda Brasser
                                                                                            ‘Red Sky in the Morning,’ by Rhonda Brasser
'A Bronte Morning,' by Nikki Bingham
                                                                                            ‘A Bronte Morning,’ by Nikki Bingham
'Lake Mcdonald - Glacier National Park,' by Nathan Shafter
                                                                                            ‘Lake Mcdonald – Glacier National Park,’ by Nathan Shafter
'Mysterious Morning,' by Matt Fieldes
                                                                                            ‘Mysterious Morning,’ by Matt Fieldes
'Last Man Standing,' by Kylie Roberts
                                                                                            ‘Last Man Standing,’ by Kylie Roberts
'Cathedral Rocks Pre-dawn,' by Kyle Sier
                                                                                            ‘Cathedral Rocks Pre-dawn,’ by Kyle Sier
'Morning Fire,' by Jonathan Abdipranoto
                                                                                            ‘Morning Fire,’ by Jonathan Abdipranoto
'Sunrise Over Uluru,' by Jane Griffith
                                                                                            ‘Sunrise Over Uluru,’ by Jane Griffith
'Sunrise Over Wheat Fields,' by Grant Hunt
                                                                                            ‘Sunrise Over Wheat Fields,’ by Grant Hunt
'Long Summers,' by Georgina Pratten
                                                                                            ‘Long Summers,’ by Georgina Pratten
'Ghost Ship,' by David Psaila
                                                                                            ‘Ghost Ship,’ by David Psaila
'Lake Burley Griffin,' by Brad Smith
                                                                                            ‘Lake Burley Griffin,’ by Brad Smith
'Where the City Meets the Sand,' by Brad Aulsebrook
                                                                                            ‘Where the City Meets the Sand,’ by Brad Aulsebrook
'Golden Coogee,' by Benjamin Maze
                                                                                            ‘Golden Coogee,’ by Benjamin Maze
'Krypton,' by Andy Smith
                                                                                            ‘Krypton,’ by Andy Smith
'Halong Bay Fishing,' by Amanda Starkey
                                                                                            ‘Halong Bay Fishing,’ by Amanda Starkey
'Snapshot,' by Alan Coligado
                                                                                            ‘Snapshot,’ by Alan Coligado
'Overcast,' by Aeshwary Kushwah
                                                                                            ‘Overcast,’ by Aeshwary Kushwah
'Serenity,' by Anastasia Gorbunova
                                                                                             ‘Serenity,’ by Anastasia Gorbunova


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