Project Description

cute-it-ltd-shadow-reflection-image-2Photoshop shadow service is one of the most important images manipulation services. There are some products which look unusual and unattractive. In such types of photo, the quality of an image can be increased to attract the customers by adding shadow and creative 3D shape of products. For this, Photoshop shadow creating service is very much important and necessary.

This shadow service is not only added to product but also applied to create a shadow in 3D and natural shape for model photography, group images, natural images, interior and exterior photos.


There are some of Categories  shadow service based on the image. Image shadows can be divided into some specific classes. For example-

  • Natural shadow
  • Product shadow
  • Model Shadow
  • Photoshop drop shadow
  • Reflection shadow etc.

But in most of the cases, product/ natural and reflection shadow are used.

Generally, it is applied to some specific products, such as clothing items (shirt, underwear, Nude Model, T-shirt, pant, panty, etc.), product item (book, table clothes, pen, mobile, wallet, flat, simple ring, flat chain, earring etc.)

When it is essential to create product shadow, it is very much necessary to remove the background of the product. In such case, clipping path or image masking is used to remove the background of an image. As after removing a product background, it seems that the product is floating and does not look natural, we apply shadow which gives the product a natural looking shape.

There are many product photography where natural shadow of product is created by studio lighting, perspective etc. In case of image manipulation, based on customers’ demand, product background is removed by keeping the natural shadow unchanged and making soft shadow by using Photoshop technique. It can be done easily at a very competitive price. For example- shoe, clothing, electronics item, furniture item, bottle, plate, bowl etc.

For this reason, during the photography of these products, we must give a special attention on lighting re-arrangement. In this digital era, we can easily observe the product perspective, lighting, shadow, over exposed, under exposed at a glance on the screen. It helps to create a beautiful shadow by rearrangement and adjustment which can be used further for various purposes such as websites, e-commerce sites, digital media, printing media, magazine etc.