Project Description



Color correction is one of the most popular and essential Photoshop based editing services. This service is applied to different types of photography like model photography, fashion photography, natural photography etc.


Generally during the photography due to lighting, perspective, photographic environment, camera settings, the natural color of product may be changed. Later, by applying different techniques, filters of Photoshop Color Correction, natural color can be retained/ obtained. But in most of the cases, the adjustment of white balance, gray balance, color strength, color vibrant are needed. In case of color correction, to make the product more attractive, according to customers’ demand, colors can be changed intentionally additionally to natural color. For example- depending on the product and environment type, different types of lighting effect, warm up, brightness, contrast, sharpening etc. are applied.


Besides this, damaged image such as over or under exposed images, can be brought into its initial normal state by using Photoshop color correction.

In general, image color correction is highly necessary for quality works. As due to various reasons the natural color of a product can be changed during the time of photography, so by applying color adjustment, the initial state of the product can be obtained. For example-

Offset Printing

Besides for direct online product promotional works and sell, it is highly important to keep the natural color of the product by color correction. For example- e-commerce site, websites, digital media agencies, online advertisements etc.

Importance Of Color Correction Service

Color correction is very much important for graphic design, printing, digital media, e-commerce etc. As color correction is used to recover original color of the product or other images, so in case of printing output, it is possible to keep the original color by photoshop color correction. Any change of original color of products makes it difficult to sell products online or digital media. In case of online shopping, customers choose and buy their desired products based on colors. So if color does not match after a product delivery, a customer may reject that product. As a result, it may hamper the business. In the same way, if we change the original color of a product by using color correction service, customers may also reject to take a product after purchasing it. So these facts are very much important in case of Photoshop color correction.

As Photoshop color correction is a sensitive issue, a graphic retouches must have a clear conception and experience so that he can understand color ratio by reviewing product color tone. A digital image basically consists of two color modes.

  1. CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) mode
  2. RGB mode (Red, Green, Blue)

CMYK mode:
CMYK mode is used for all kinds of offset printing. Because the color process and ink of offset printing are CMYK.

RGB Mode:
RGB mode is used for all types of digital images because the monitor and all other screens show images in RGB mode.

Color vibrant, brightness, contrast in RGB color mode is higher than CMYK color mode and it looks more beautiful. So in case of Photoshop color correction, color tuning is performed on the basis of CMYK and RGB color mode.