Glamour retouching is applied to fashion, a model, wedding photography, Personal, Promote Business, E-Commerce, Online Shop . Besides based on customer’s demand, the age effect can be reduced or added to man and woman body to give them a naturally young or old look by using Photoshop.

Glamour Retouching Procedurecute-it-ltd-glomour-retouch-2-copy

In the case of the model, fashion, wedding photography, various glamour photo retouching techniques are applied to Face and skin. For example- to increase the beauty and glamour, bad wrinkle, blemishes, acne, red spot and other spot, old images etc. removed. Besides, with the change of skin color tone and texture, color is added or removed from eyebrow, eyeliner, shed, lip shed, hair style to increase the glamour more. It is also known as portrait retouch. In some cases, the excess fat area is reduced to give a perfect body shape which increases glamour.

To increase the glamour and beauty, we have to consider some other facts on doing beauty retouch. For example- image lighting shed, image dimension, image perspective, bad wrinkle on clothing etc. are removed and fine-tuned to increase glamour.

Professionally we referred this service as digital makeup.


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