In still life photography, a picture taker makes a picture with full control over lighting, inclination, and arrangement. Since picture takers specifically impact the picture creation handle, still life photographs mirror the imagination and style of the picture takers themselves. Therefore, picture takers who represent considerable authority in still life will wind up with a one of a kind and innovative portfolio. Regardless of the possibility that the unlimited potential outcomes of still life photography can appear to be overwhelming, it’s certainly worth experimenting with.

7 Things to Keep in Mind About Still Life Photography

Here are 7 things to remember while shooting still life photography, trailed by cases of still life photography.

1. Arrange your photograph

In still life photography, you won’t by and large unearth an incredible photograph by sheer luckiness. You ought to assume responsibility of the whole imaginative process. The more you plan out your shoot, the better the outcome is probably going to be. So set aside some opportunity to conceptualize thoughts and how you can execute them. When perusing alternate things on this rundown, consider how you can get ready for them ahead of time.

2. Tripods

Utilize them.

3. Piece

In still life photographs, you have more flexibility to move your subjects around. This gives you the chance to play around with creation (without your subjects getting exhausted or annoy). Consider yourself a visual creator who is making a picture. You will find that specific organizations are more intriguing than others. You can likewise experiment with various corresponding relations between items. One thing you should focus on is the space around your subject, the negative (or white) space. The organization of your photograph may turn out to be better, just by expanding (or diminishing) the negative space.

4. Lighting

Likewise with every single other sort of photography, great lighting is basic in still life photography. Since you have basically entire control of your condition, there’s not by any stretch of the imagination a reason for poor lighting. As it were, make sense of how to culminate the lighting in your still life shooting condition. In case you’re depending on regular light, make sense of the best time for a shoot or hold up until the light has progressed. When utilizing a blaze, you ought to consider diffusing the light, utilizing an outer glimmer and coordinating the light with a reflector. For more data on lighting, look at this guide on various lighting procedures in still life photography.

5. Foundation

You need to ensure that the foundation functions admirably with your fundamental subject. For instance, consider how the foundation will look in-center and out-of-core interest. Possibly you can discover a foundation with an intriguing surface or no surface by any means. A solitary shading foundation can be a viable approach to make your subject emerge. In the event that you have the choice, experiment with various sorts of foundation with a similar subject.

6. Take it outside

With still life photography, you’re not restricted to remaining inside. You can discover a lot of fantastic still life subjects outside: leaves skimming down the stream, a decent piece of road items, or a fascinating rock on the shoreline. It may be harder to control the shooting condition, yet outside you can discover exceptional subjects and foundations.

7. Discharge your internal inventive virtuoso

There are no restrictions on what you can do with still life photography (the length of your subjects may be, you know, still). So play around with thoughts and the substance in your organizers! Possibly you will be the main individual to photo an elastic ducky in a bath loaded with watermelons. You can likewise make your own particular message. Still life artistic creations were injected with significance and imagery, you could do likewise in your still life photographs.

Cases of Still Life Photography

Here’s a determination of awesome still life photographs from our Flickr gathering.

still life photography flowers and oranges

Laurens Kaldeway — On the Table
still life photography coffee and chess

Thomas Lieser — still life with easy chair and TELEV-KASTEN
still life photography chair

Cat Girl 007 — Egg and Forks
still life photography egg on forks

Suzanne Cummings — Things Past
still life photography antique bucket

Igor Ferreira — Still Life
still life photography candle on book

Suzanne Cummings — A Morning Place
still life photography flowers in vase

Elena K. — B&W Bananas
still life photography bananas

Donnie Nunley — Purple Grapes
still life photography grapes in water

Yane Naumoski — Day 247: Hazelnuts
still life photography hazelnuts

Alex Greenshpun — Catch Me If I Fall
still life photography leaves floating

Ale Quero Dodge — All Of The While I Never Knew
still life photography coffee bean

jordan parks — in a jar
still life photography flowers

Margarita K… — spring story…
still life photography flowers on book

CJ Schmit — Tools of the Trade
still life photography Yashica Mat-124 G with a notebook

Igor Ferreira — Sun Glasses
still life photography sun glasses

Donnie Nunley — Garlic and Dust
still life photography garlic and dust

Laurens Kaldeway — Kaleidoscope
still life photography three glasses

Laurens Kaldeway — Colour Trio
still life photography three glasses in front of colored pencils

^ Missi ^ — rrriiinnng…..
still life photography phone

Laurens Kaldeway — [oil and water]
still life photography water and oil

Laurens Kaldeway — Verdant
still life photography green pencils under water

^ Missi ^ — Shell 1
still life photography shell

Raymond’s Glass Eye — Garden Fresh
still life photography three carrots

Laurens Kaldeway — Trio
still life photography lenses on sheet music

Laurens Kaldeway — Cup of Beans
still life photography jelly beans

Laurens Kaldeway — Green Beans
still life photography green jelly beans

ruben alexander — ‎”Man shall not live by bread alone,….
still life photography fork and spoon

Laurens Kaldeway — Coloured Pencils (ii)
still life photography colored pencils

ruben alexander — When People Throw Lemons at You, Make Lemonade!
still life photography lemons

James Drury — still life
still life photography mannequin

Jeremy Lusk — The Leica
still life photography camera

Alessandro Baffa — Morning Rituals
still life photography shaving equipment

Ben Roffelsen — Urban Still Life (Cold Alley)
still life photography urban scene

Alex Greenshpun — Dancing in the Rain
still life photography dandelion seeds

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